Wells Fargo Global Impact Challenge


Wells Fargo Global Impact Challenge


In June, 20 educators were selected to participate in the Global Impact Challenge, a diversity and inclusion competition designed to spark the best ideas from students for building a world free of barriers, stereotypes and discrimination.

The educators attended workshops at the 2017 No Barriers Summit in Lake Tahoe, CA to experience the No Barriers Life and learn about the program curriculum. The goal was to equip teachers with the necessary tools to help students dream big and break down barriers through the Global Impact Challenge.

  • “Wells Fargo is thrilled to help develop and implement the inaugural Global Impact Challenge,” says Kathy Martinez, head of Disability and Accessibility Strategy at Wells Fargo. “The teachers and students developed many creative project proposals that focused on diversity and inclusion. We sincerely hope that all of the teams turn their proposals into reality, helping make the world a more inclusive place.”

    Kathy Martinez
The teachers then returned to their schools, recruited diverse teams of students with and without disabilities, and followed an online curriculum designed to foster creativity and develop projects to address local diversity and inclusion issues. Common topics included improving accessibility and encouraging the inclusion of minority populations and people with visible and nonvisible disabilities.

Subject matter experts from Wells Fargo and No Barriers USA jointly evaluated the project proposals and video presentations. Overall, teams participating in the Global Impact Challenge included 156 students in nine states.

The two first-place teams also will receive invitations — including airfare, accommodations and meals — to the 2018 No Barriers Summit Oct. 5–6 in New York City. The No Barriers Summit is a premiere immersive event that brings together people of all backgrounds and abilities who are transcending barriers to unleash their fullest potential and live a life of purpose.

  • “The students are serious about the viability of their project proposals,” said Goodvin. “It’s amazing how a group of kids can bring an idea to life. Their enthusiasm and confidence inspire me. They will do so much good in their lives.”

    Nadia Goodvin

Two first-place teams received $5,000 to help them implement their projects:

  • Grady High School, Atlanta, included six students led by teacher Nadia Goodvin. The team
    developed a working organization to address the lack of local sensory-friendly theaters, films
    and other recreational events in Atlanta for people with sensory processing disorders and
    related conditions.
  • Hill Country Middle School, Austin, Texas, included six students led by teacher Sylvia
    Troxell. The team proposed a project to create a fun, interactive educational campaign
    about hidden disabilities to help ensure that all students welcomed, understood and
    encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.

One runner-up team received $2,000 to help it implement its project:

  • Century High School, Rochester, Minn., included five students led by teacher Michael
    Eckerman. The team proposed a social storytelling platform for students to share personal
    stories of hardships and barriers, with the goal of creating a sense of unity by highlighting
    the differences of others and the difficulties they face.

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Congratulations to the following 14 schools, organizations and educators that completed and submitted project proposals as part of their participation in the Global Impact Challenge:

  •      » Boys and Girls Club of Boston, team led by Charles Armstrong-Hicks
  •      » Hinsdale South High School, Hinsdale, Ill., team led by Raymond Baker
  •      » Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, Bronx, N.Y., team led by Carolina Castro-Skehan
  •      » Century High School, Rochester, Minn., team led by Michael Eckerman
  •      » Deerpark Middle School, Austin, Teaxas; team led by Jami Fooshee
  •      » Grady High School, Atlanta, team led by Nadia Goodvin
  •      » Deforest Area High School, DeForest, Wis., team led by Briana Gustafson
  •      » Peachtree Middle School, Dunwoody, Ga., team led by Mary Jane Hollander
  •      » William J. Johnston Middle School, Colchester, Conn., team led by Jen Karcich
  •      » Lindblom Math and Science Academy, Chicago, team led by Caroline Liebman
  •      » Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, N.C., team led by Megan Mimms
  •      » Ridgewood High School , Norridge, Ill., team led by Daniel Rosenberg
  •      » Oakwood School, Greenville, N.C., team led by Keyla Thompson
  •      » Hill Country Middle School, Austin, Texas, team led by Sylvia Troxell

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