Why Teachers Need To Travel Abroad Too

The educational benefits of immersive student travel are well documented.  Students gain new and unique perspectives on a variety of global issues and grow as individuals.  The experience can be just as beneficial for teachers.  Here are just a few reasons why educators should travel abroad too:

It’s Good For The Soul

We’re all overworked and underpaid and falling into a rut of uninspiring daily routines can take a toll on yourThailand_rickshaw creativity, passion, and adaptability. Traveling abroad, with or without students, can reinvigorate your soul and feed your willingness to try new things and seek new challenges. Inaction breeds fatigue. Get out and go!

Invest In Your Career

Travelling with students is a phenomenal way to grow as an educator and inspire yourself to teach creatively. Teaching in the field and partnering with your in-country guide and your No Barriers Youth Global Facilitator is great for your professional development. Experiential learning activities thousands of miles away from your classroom walls will only enhance your skills once you return to school.

Make Yourself (and others) Smile

Research has shown that one of the best ways to foster happiness is to give to others.  Service learning and volunteer trips are a wonderful way to give back to your global community.  Participating on an impactful project abroad will not only make you and your students smile, it will also benefit those you help and the entire community you interact with.

So, whether you’re travelling abroad with students or flying solo, get out and explore your world. Your soul, your career, and your happiness will thank you!

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