Safety is a primary concern for everyone at No Barriers Youth.  We go to great lengths to keep groups safe and secure before, during, and after your expedition.

Qualified Staff

Experienced, Qualified Staff

Our employees are all seasoned travelers, have extensive experience with organizing youth travel, as well as extensive experience in developing countries. All staff are well versed in international safety procedures and risk management, and take this into consideration when developing any itinerary. As an organization, we engage in active, ongoing risk management analysis and improvements.

Global Facilitators

Expedition Leaders

When you arrive at your destination you will be greeted by an experienced Expedition leader in addition to your local, in-country guide. Our Expedition Leaders are experienced in educational travel, risk management policies and procedures, and have advanced first aid training. Our Expedition Leaders travel with your group to ensure the itinerary is executed as planned, help inspire and educate students, and are on-hand 24/7 for your support.

Per Trip Prep

Pre-Trip Preparation

Pre-expedition preparation includes literature, checklists, and instructions for keeping documents and money secure, carrying hotel and emergency contact information, avoiding unwanted attention by dressing in a way that is respectful of local culture, etc. While ultimate responsibility for student behavior rests with the Group Leaders(and students themselves!), we go to great lengths to prepare both students and Group Leaders on what to expect and how to be safe.

Local Experts

Close Collaboration with Local Experts

We have an extensive network of contacts and personal relationships in the countries we work in. We work directly with local experts and counterparts on the ground, so that we always have quick access to information and resources. No Barriers Youth evaluates all local organizations to ensure that they are a quality service provider with trustworthy track records.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Information

We provide Group Leaders with a list of emergency contacts specific to their expedition, detailing local medical facilities, police stations, the nearest US Embassy or Consul, as well as 24 hour response numbers both in-country as well as in the US. In addition, we require all Group Leaders have personal cell phone that can call both in-country and internationally.

Medical Insurance

Excellent Medical Insurance and Support

We provide each traveler with comprehensive medical insurance while they are abroad so that they have full access to emergency care. The insurance is in effect for the full length of the expedition and is effective 24 hours a day worldwide. No Barriers also employs a 24 hour on-call doctor located in the United States who can evaluate symptoms, write prescriptions, and provide tele-medicine care day or night.

Security and Evacuation

Political & Global Events

As a policy, we will never send a student or group into an area deemed unsafe by the US Department of State and we register all groups traveling abroad with the local US Embassy. If there are political and military events in the foreign country that have created a situation in which a student or group is in danger of imminent bodily harm, we act quickly and effectively to get trip participants out of harm’s way.

No Barriers Youth Communications


We communicate regularly with our Expedition Leaders and in-country staff during the course of a trip to ensure that everyone is informed about the group’s whereabouts and status. Group Leaders are encouraged to communicate with their school and families to keep them up to date on status of the group. We encourage Group Leaders to limit student cell phone use to travel days to encourage full immersion and participation in the expedition.

Group Size

Ratios and Flexible Planning

A unique aspect of our travel philosophy is our emphasis on low student-Group Leader ratios. We do this not only to ensure a high quality experience for students and to make sure that student needs are met, but also to maximize the security and safety of the group. Additional qualified Group Leaders are able to manage student behavioral risks more effectively and to remain flexible in planning. We also never combine groups so your expedition will be a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Please contact us for additional information on our risk management procedures and how we can support you during your time abroad.