Recruitment Support


Recruitment Support

At No Barriers Youth we fully support you in your Expedition recruitment efforts to ensure you generate excitement among your students and families to make the program a success.

We can provide you with any combination of the following marketing material:

  • Custom designed flyer with your trip price, dates and details
  • Country specific promotional posters you can print yourself
  • Custom designed PowerPoint presentation for your Program Info Meeting (PIM)
  • Info night support and topic outline
  • No Barriers Youth participation through Skype or conference call on your info night to assist with questions
  • Sign-up sheets
  • More


After you get support and backing by your school and/or district work with No Barriers Youth to design your program and itinerary.


  • Schedule your Program Information Meeting (PIM)
    • Find a convenient date for both your students and their parents. Planning the PIM around other school events or parent meetings can be advantageous.
  • Get the word out
    • No Barriers Youth will provide you with a custom flyer and additional collateral to help promote your PIM and the expedition
    • Announce the trip and parent info night in daily messages, the school newspaper, newsletters, at parent teacher conferences, and email or call parents when possible
    • Enthusiastically discuss the trip in your class and make sure you have the No Barriers Youth flyer on hand for students to take home.
    • Inform students about fundraising opportunities offered through No Barriers Youth
    • Recruit students and parents to be Expedition ambassadors to recruit other students
    • Remember the more people who see and hear about the expedition, the more likely you’ll get the necessary sign-ups for your program to get off the ground!


  • No Barriers Youth will provide you with a PowerPoint and meeting outline for your PIM
  • A No Barriers Youth representative can join your PIM via Skype to help answer questions
  • Make sure you have printed copies of the itinerary, flyer, and that you can effectively project the PowerPoint presentation
  • Communicate clearly the expedition costs, registration deadlines, immunization requirements, passport and visa information, etc.
  • Help families register students at the PIM and walk them through the online registration process


  • Continue with recruitment, and enrollment support
  • Remind your students and families about registration deadlines
  • About a month prior to departure you will receive a comprehensive Group Leader manual with an up to date itinerary, risk management information, t-shirts for all travelers, and more


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