Pricing & Value


Pricing & Value


At No Barriers Youth we strive to create authentic and immersive travel programs that incorporate your curriculum and your educational goals into the itinerary. No Barriers is not a big box retailer of educational travel. We are a nonprofit organization working to fulfill your goals in global education. We don’t cut costs by combining groups and using large tour buses. But what we can do is provide an authentic and culturally immersive experience to any one of our destinations domestically and throughout the developing world.

When working with schools on a co-created itinerary we make every effort to work within your budgetary constraints to design a program built around value and authenticity that meets your educational goals.

Group Leaders Travel For Free

We appreciate the time Group Leaders commit to leading an expedition and we make it as affordable as possible for schools to send educators abroad. Each group will get 2 free Group Leader places for the first 12 full paying participants; 3 free places for 18 full paying participants;  and 4 free places for 24 full paying participants.

Please keep in mind the following items that are major contributors to the overall cost of your trip:

  • Duration – The total number of days you’ll be traveling.
  • Destination & Airfare – Generally, the further you travel the more expensive your airfare will be. No Barriers Youth can purchase plane tickets for you or you can do this yourself to potentially reduce cost
  • Ground Transportation – In-country travel can get expensive if you’re on the go a lot. Limiting yourself to a few select locations will help keep your costs low by reducing van, driver, and fuel costs.
  • Lodging – We encourage staying at locally owned mid-level establishments where students are safe, comfortable, and can experience the local culture while supporting the local economy. In most destinations this still offers a wide range of options and prices. Choosing double or triple occupancy for your students in bunk house type lodging can help reduce costs as well.