Loyalty Programs


Loyalty Programs

Travel Twice

Do you currently travel with us? Or, are you ready to start designing one or more expeditions? At No Barriers Youth we encourage schools to offer two or more expeditions each academic year to provide a variety of experiences to their student body.

To make this more affordable for your school and as a thank you for your business we’ve created the Travel Twice program.  Secure two or more expeditions in the same academic year and get $1000 off each expedition that travels.  Click below to learn more!


Pay It Forward Referral Program

We’d like you to help us spread the word about the benefits of transformative educational travel.  Our clients are our strongest advocates in spreading the No Barriers mission and we want to reward you for that.

Refer No Barriers Youth to a fellow educator from a different school and if that school books a trip with No Barriers Youth you’ll receive a $500 gift card from Southwest or American Airlines.  Program valid for referred contacts and schools who have not previously traveled with No Barriers Youth.  

Please fill out the form below or have your colleague reach out directly at 970.484.3633 or at youth@nobarriersyouth.org.