Learning AFAR Foster Children

No Barriers Youth and AFAR Media share a similar vision: to make the life-changing power of authentic experiential travel available to all students regardless of their social and economic background.

At any given time there are more than 425,000 kids in the foster care system and recent data indicates that more than half of the children in U.S. foster care system are young people of color. Furthermore, foster children face a multitude of obstacles and barriers in life and only 50% of these students graduate high school by the age of 18.

Fully Funded Expeditions

With support from AFAR Media and other generous donors, No Barriers Youth offers a fully funded annual Expedition for students who are in foster care or have been in the system previously. Selecting and working with a passionate Group Leader, No Barriers Youth selects scholarship recipients that demonstrate financial need, academic merit, and leadership potential.

We are currently looking for a dedicated Educator to serve as our 2018 Learning AFAR Group Leader! Please see the information below regarding the application, program details and more details on being a Learning AFAR Group Leader!

Itinerary Overview

Our 2018 Learning AFAR Foster Care Program will take a of a group of 10 girls and 2 Group Leaders to the stunning and rugged scenery of the US Southwest. There the group will raft the San Juan River, explore the spectacular National Monuments, and visit the Navajo Nation, the largest American Indian reservation in the country. The stunning scenery of the desert never fails to awe and inspire those who take the time to discover its riches and there is no better place to contemplate your place in the universe than under the desert sky’s magnificent canvas of stars!

Click HERE for more details about the U.S. Southwest Itinerary!


Click HERE to learn more about being a 2018 Learning AFAR Group Leader!

  • • Application Deadline: December 1st 2017
  • • Location: US Southwest
  • • Dates: July 5-13th 2018


In exchange for the generous scholarship support and the ability to participate in this amazing program, we are looking for a Group Leader who meets the following criteria:

  • • Group Leader must be based in the Naples, Florida area
  • • Must be willing to recruit at least 15 students who have been involved in the foster care system and are based in the Naples area to apply to the Learning AFAR Program.
  • • Must be willing help students apply, register and prepare to travel on the expedition as well as facilitate No Barriers Curriculum
  • • Experience in Education and working with diverse populations is preferred.

Please contact rachel.strommen@nobarriersusa.org for more information on this transformational program.