Open & Scholarship Expeditions

Our open enrollment and Learning AFAR scholarship programs aim to ensure that all youth, regardless of background or ability, have opportunities to experience the world and their place within it, because too many of today’s youth are being left behind. Many young people live in neighborhoods where poverty and crime are common and job and education opportunities are not. Underserved youth and students with mixed abilities must continually advocate for themselves to receive accessible opportunities to grow and learn. This puts these young people at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having a chance at economic self sufficiency, full civic participation and becoming leaders for sustainable change. Closing the experience gap is more important than ever. Since 2009, AFAR Media and No Barriers USA have provided Learning AFAR scholarships to 613 youth. Please browse our open enrollment and scholarship expeditions below.

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Open and Scholarship Expeditions


Dream with Us

Imagine giving a million youth the opportunity to open their eyes to the world, explore their own potential, and have the resources to give back to their local and global communities as leaders who serve! We believe the best way to do this is to build a network of partners who are passionate about that goal. Bring your voice and resources to this transformative work.

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“To have a transformative effect on a single student is something that every educator strives towards. Meaningfully impacting the life of a few students over a career would be deemed a success. But this program, through the generous support of our donors, allows us to deeply impact far more than a few. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this trip has touched an entire school community.”

Amy Boyle,
Assistant Principal, Coliseum College Prep Academy [Learning AFAR Partner School]  

“It is almost impossible to show students that they can be more without putting them in a situation where they ARE more.”

Peter Karp,
Principal, Institute for Collaborative Education [Learning AFAR Partner School]

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