Global Impact Projects

No Barriers Global Impact Projects support students to create projects that address a global issue at the local level.  “Local” may be in your town or city, your school, or it may be a local community someplace else in the world.

You may complete a Global Impact Project individually or with a team of peers.  An important part of these projects is telling the story of their impact. Therefore, No Barriers provides you with tools and opportunities to share the positive impact of your project.

Nepal Student Service ProjectWhether you choose to complete a project on your own or with a team, know that you are part of a bigger movement of students around the country and world who are using the No Barriers Life as a framework for positive impact.

Global Themes

No Barriers focuses on three broad global themes:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Environment and Sustainability

The purpose of a Global Impact Project is to identify how one of the above global themes shows up as a problem in your local community, and then to have positive impact by trying to address that problem.

How do I start a Global Impact Project?

When you are ready to begin a Global Impact Project, simply complete a short registration form. Once you are registered, you will be able to immediately download the Global Impact Project Guide. The guide consists of resources to give you important background information, activities that will guide you through the planning and implementation of your project, and tools for sharing the story of your impact.

Register Here

Fill out the form to get a free download of the Global Impact Project Guide

What is a Global Impact Challenge?

A Global Impact Challenge takes place when a specific issue is presented for students to address.  Participating students complete a series of workshops hosted online, and then submit a project proposal for consideration.  A formal Global Impact Challenge may be sponsored through No Barriers, or may be created and run independently by a school, district, or organization.

Sponsored — As an example of a sponsored Global Impact Challenge, Wells Fargo currently sponsors a Diversity and Inclusion Global Impact Challenge for diverse teams of students from across the country.  To participate, educators applied and were accepted into the program. Independent These educators then formed teams of students in their schools and organizations. This sponsored Global Impact Challenge leads to financial support for the winning teams.  

Independent — An example of an independent Global Impact Challenge is a school or organization collaborating with No Barriers to identify a local issue to address.  Educators and students then run that challenge independently from within the school or organization. To participate, each team has access to the online workshops and moves through those workshops at a pace that works for them.  There is a small fee for any independent Global Impact Challenge, which covers the cost of the online workshops and a virtual training for the educators.

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