Global Impact Program

We believe that positive social change is achievable through cross-cultural communication, sustainable community development, and student engagement. In conjunction with each travel experience and the No Barriers Life curriculum, we encourage and support each participant to complete a Global Impact Project or share their learning through our Storytelling for Global Impact program.

Designed to allow a wide-range of creativity and choice, participants on each program use community immersion and the travel expedition as their Nepal Student Service Projectclassroom. Through this transformational experience students learn effective strategies for facilitating interaction with community-based organizations and individuals to address local and global issues.

To further support educators and their students we structure our Global Impact Program inside three Global Themes to help guide individual and group projects.  These three themes are:

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate and foster cultural diversity along with the unique talents and potential of all people, whatever their circumstances, to thrive and give their best to the world.

Economic Empowerment

We learn about and promote sustainable economic development that gives people the means to have their own basic needs met, and to contribute to the health and stability of the greater community.

Environment and Sustainability

We educate trip participants on the value and tenants of environmental sustainability, encouraging action that supports the health and renewal of the world’s natural resources.

From this foundation, participants are given the tools and resources to implement truly collaborative projects that create sustainable actions that spread the word about their experience, the impact, and the overall success of the expedition. Students then have the opportunity to showcase their Global Impact Project with their school, parents, and community at a celebration event, and online to reach a larger audience.