How To Raise Money For Your School Trip Abroad

Next year’s school trip or gap year adventure is just around the corner.  These educational travel opportunities are well worth the investment but aren’t always easy on the pocketbook.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you raise funds for your next international adventure.

  • Start Early – Don’t delay.  Start formulating a fundraising plan and get the word out early about your desire to volunteer and travel abroad.  Summer jobs are also a good idea to help supplement your fundraising efforts.
  • Go Big – Don’t put all your fundraising eggs in one basket. Create multiple avenues to generate funds. From letter writing campaigns to sponsorships to bake sales, create fun and innovative activities to make money and spread the word about the project you’ll be supporting abroad.
  • Network, Network, Network – From friends to grandparents to local businesses, reach out personally to the people you know and those who might care about and support your educational travel goals.
  • Get Online – There are many ways to embrace the internet in your fundraising efforts.  Get the world out via social media, build a website, and start a crowdfunding initiative on sites like
  • Follow Up – After your friends and family help you raise the money don’t forget to let them know you’re grateful for the support and send out pictures and a thank you note upon your return home.

For more ideas and a sample fundraising letter download our Fundraising Handbook.

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