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We strive to meet the needs and demands of our partner schools, Global Studies Directors, and Group Leaders and work diligently to provide a unique and immersive travel program for you and your students you won’t find anywhere else.

FAQ’s / Things To Know

Who plans or develops our itinerary – No Barriers Youth or us?

You have the option to choose a pre-designed itinerary or we can work together to co-create an itinerary to match your in-class curriculum and educational goals.

Does No Barriers Youth handle all the travel arrangements?

No Barriers Youth is able to handle everything from group airline reservations to hotel bookings to guide services to arranging for speakers, presentations and service projects. But if you prefer to use some of your own connections and plan a portion of the itinerary we can easily accommodate that request.

Do Group Leaders travel for free?

We appreciate and recognize all the hard work that Group Leaders put into planning and organizing an expedition. Each group will get 2 free Group Leader places for the first 12 full paying participants; 3 free places for 18 full paying participants;  and 4 free places for 24 full paying participants.  For a more detailed description of our Group Leader benefits please call or email us. 

Will our group be combined with another group?

No, absolutely not. Your expedition is exclusively for your group. No Barriers Youth can normally accommodate most group sizes. However, you may combine groups with another partner school/organization if you wish.

What safety precautions does No Barriers Youth take?

Student safety is a primary concern for everyone No Barriers Youth. While there are inherent risks in travel, just like there are in every day life, No Barriers Youth goes to great lengths to provide a safe and secure expedition experience. We operate a professional risk management system with 24 hour emergency support, and an American-based doctor on call at all times. We also provide lists of recommended hospitals and security contacts along your itinerary; we provide local cell phones Group Leaders when necessary, and we have a wealth of in-country contacts and support. Should a destination be deemed unsafe to travel, we will offer your group an alternative destination.

What type of insurance do you provide?

Included in the trip price, No Barriers Youth provides comprehensive emergency medical insurance to all our trip participants. At an additional fee we also offer trip cancellation insurance to help protect your educational travel investment should anything happen before you depart.

What happens if a student gets sick or is injured while traveling?

The No Barriers Youth Expedition Leader on your trip will have first aid training and can assist with most minor ailments and injuries. No Barriers Youth also provides Group Leaders with a list of recommended hospitals in the cities you will be visiting. If a more serious medical situation arises we work hand-in-hand with our in-country partners and our insurance company to provide immediate access to high quality care.

How do students communicate home while on the trip?

We encourage schools to set up a blog, Facebook group, or Twitter account, to document, reflect, and inform family members on the expedition’s events. We strongly encourage Group Leaders to have a strict no cell phone policy while in-country to maximize the immersion and impact of the experience.

What type of accommodations does No Barriers Youth use?

No Barriers Youth supports local communities by using comfortable smaller hotels and locally owned guesthouses (equivalent to a 2-3 star hotel or motel in the US). We do not use luxury hotels, nor do we use backpacker/youth hostels. Accommodations must be clean, comfortable and safe to meet our approval, but not luxurious.

Can you provide a list of references?

Yes. No Barriers Youth would be happy to provide names of other schools or Group Leaders who have traveled with us. Please email call or email us for more info

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