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We’re excited to be taking your son or daughter on an educational expedition that is designed to break through barriers, build leadership skills, foster independence, and instill a passion for life-long learning into college and beyond.

Your child’s school trip is not a vacation. We, along with your school and their educators, aim to inform and inspire students to act on important global issues. Our goal on every trip is to encourage your child to think critically about important international issues and create engaged and passionate global citizens.

While your school’s Group Leader is your primary point of contact we are here to answer any questions you or your child may have about the trip.

Parent Info


What forms are required for travel?

Each student participant will be required to fill out the following three forms. Please download each individual form, print a copy, and fill it in. Completed forms can be sent via email as attachments to, mailed directly to our office (317 Stover St. Fort Collins, CO 80524), or submitted to their individual travel program’s group leaders.

Yes, all meals are included in the majority of trips. However, per the school’s request or due to travel logistics there may be some exceptions which will be listed in your individual itinerary. Bottled or purified water is provided to students on all international trips. Occasionally, No Barriers Youth provides snacks but in general snacks should be considered personal expenses.

Can No Barriers Youth accommodate special diets and food allergies?

Yes, from vegan to gluten free, No Barriers Youth can accommodate most diet requests. Please know that regional cuisine may limit some dietary options. Also, please list all dietary restrictions and allergies during the registration process.

Does the price include airfare and fees?

The price of the trip may or may not include airfare. No Barriers Youth can purchase airline tickets for groups but in many cases the schools prefer to do it themselves. Contact your trip leader for detailed pricing information. All airline luggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler.

Should my child bring additional spending money?

Yes. While, most of their expenses are included in the cost of the trip including meals, lodging, and transportation, additional spending money will be required. These expenses can include country departure and/or arrival taxes, unexpected baggage fees, etc. Additional spending money is also recommended for time in the airport, souvenir shopping, personal items, and snacks.

What immunizations does my child need to get?

Immunizations vary by country and region and from year to year. Please consult the Center for Disease Control website for recommended immunizations and up-to-date information. We also require students to be evaluated by a nurse or physician for additional recommendations and to stay current on standard vaccinations.

Does No Barriers Youth help my child acquire his or her visa?

No Barriers Youth works with your school’s Group Leader to advise them on general visa acquisition procedures. However, due to the constant adjustments to each individual country’s visa requirements it is the responsibility of the school and the Group Leaders to stay abreast of current visa details and changes.

What type of accommodations does No Barriers Youth use?

No Barriers Youth supports local communities by using comfortable smaller hotels and locally owned guesthouses (equivalent to a 2-3 star hotel or motel in the US). We do not use luxury hotels, nor do we use backpacker/youth hostels. Accommodations must be clean, comfortable and safe to meet our approval, but not luxurious.

What type of insurance do you provide?

No Barriers Youth provides comprehensive emergency medical insurance to all trip participants. No Barriers Youth partners with  industry leaders in travel insurance for individuals and groups. Travelers are also strongly encouraged to purchase optional trip cancellation insurance offered during the registration process.

What happens if my child needs to cancel?

Due to unexpected events the need to cancel your child’s trip may occur.  To review our refund policy and our Booking Terms and Conditions please email us.

What if there is an emergency and my child needs to be evacuated?

No Barriers Youth has a comprehensive risk management program and we go to great lengths to mitigate risk while your student travels abroad. All travelers are registered in the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and the No Barriers Youth office constantly monitors and evaluates world events.

In the event of an emergency your trip leader will be supported in-country by the No Barriers Youth Expedition Leader and the local guide. All trip leaders are provided with a list of resources that include contact information for the nearest US embassy or consulate and local hospitals and support services. Furthermore, emergency medical insurance is provided to every participant and would be accessed immediately in case of a medical emergency or evacuation.

How will my child communicate home?

We encourage all groups to write a blog or create a Twitter account as a fun and efficient way to keep friends and families back home up-to-date. However, depending on the destination, communication home may be challenging and infrequent. We also strongly encourage Group Leaders to limit the use of cell phone so students immerse themselves fully in the experience and bond as a group.

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