Destination – Chile

With No Barriers Youth

No Barriers Youth offers an array of opportunities in this amazing country. Hike in Chile’s rugged Patagonia region or venture out to the salt flats of San Pedro de Atacama. Travelers can also:

  • Study the ecology of the Andes and work on reforestation projects to prevent destructive erosion
  • Learn about craft production from local artisans while supporting their fair-trade marketing efforts
  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valparaíso, Chile’s vibrant cultural capital
  • Stay in a “ruka,” a traditional Mapuche dwelling, during a visit with a Mapuche indigenous community, Chile’s largest indigenous group
  • Contribute to indigenous peoples’ sustainable tourism efforts by helping build footpaths near ancient ruins and petroglyphs
  • Assist school children on a sustainable farm for use by their community


It is not enough to call Chile a land of contrasts – it is a land of extremes. While the city of Arica basks in tropical heat in the north, Punta Arenas shivers in the icy south. To appreciate Chile’s geographic diversity, follow the jagged Andean mountains south, passing through the ancient forests of Parque Nacional Chiloé, past shimmering lakes and immense plains, to the exquisite labyrinth of fjords, islands and milky-blue glaciers at the end of the Americas in Southern Patagonia. Chile’s incredible wilderness is complemented by its modern cities, developed infrastructure, fascinating history and contemporary youth culture.


Language and Cultural Immersion in Chile

11 Days | All Inclusive | Sample Itinerary | Inquire for quote

Day 1: Depart for Chile

Evening: Depart on an overnight flight to Santiago

Evening Location:

Overnight flight

Day 2: Arrive and orientation / Spanish lesson / History museum

Morning: Arrive in Santiago, Chile. You are met by your No Barriers Youth Expedition Leader and taken to your hotel to check in and have breakfast. Receive an in-country orientation which includes an introduction to Chilean Spanish and a session for familiarizing your group with their new surroundings.

Afternoon: Have lunch with your program guides and staff and discover Chilean biogeography at the Chilean National History Museum.

Evening: Get a good night’s rest after your first day in Chile.

Evening Location:


Day 3: Spanish language class / Santiago discovery tour

Morning/Afternoon: Divide into two groups based on Spanish language competency. Enjoy a guided outdoor tour with Spanish interaction assignments. Then participate in a Santiago city discovery tour and photo excursion.

Evening: Dinner, group reflection and journaling time.

Evening Location:


Day 4: Spanish language class / Government and society in La Pintana

Morning: Divide into two groups based on Spanish language competency. Visit with and learn from local officials at the community of La Pintana’s. Here you will meet the mayor of the community to learn more about local government and the way cities are organized in Chile, local social issues, and efforts to overcome the socio/economic gap in Chile.

Afternoon: Participate in a cultural and educational encounter with the Mapuche indigenous people at Ruka, a traditional dwelling, before transferring to Valparaiso City.

Evening: Dinner out in Valparaiso followed by a group activity designed to build strong teamwork and communication skills.

Evening Location:


Day 5: Visit National Congress / Chilean politics / Fishing village

Morning: Visit to the National Congress in Valparaiso City, the house that hosts both the house of senate and the chamber of deputies where laws and the legislative power of the country are developed and represented. Learn about this historical site and how Chilean politics and legislation are organized.

Afternoon: Have lunch at a local fishing village in Valparaiso and participate in a city excursion and a photo contest (via foot and on a bus for portions).

Evening: Enjoy an Argentinian movie night with discussion to follow.

Evening Location:


Day 6: Spanish practice with peers / Viña del Mar / Quillota City

Morning: Explore the bay and harbor around Valparaíso and meet with University students for another language exchange session to practice your Spanish skills.

Afternoon: Have lunch in Valparaiso at the local market and explore Viña del Mar enroute to Quillota city.

Evening: Arrive in Quillota and settle into your accommodations before dinner. Spend some time reflecting on the trip and journal about the experience.

Evening Location:


Day 7: Spanish exchange at a school / Experiential learning at organic farm

Morning: Meet with students at a local school in Quillota for a language exchange session and have some time to practice your Spanish.

Afternoon: Explore an organic farm to learn about their farming methods, help work the land, and care for the animals, crops, etc. Afterwards, take a trek to the top of the hill to observe and learn about local flora and fauna.

Evening: Dinner and group reflection and journaling opportunities.

Evening Location:


Day 8: Learn to cook Chilean cuisine / Continue at organic farm

Morning: Participate in a Chilean culinary experience and learn how to make Chilean empanadas. Play sports with local youth communicating in Spanish.

Afternoon: Continue your experiential educational experience at the organic farm. Go on a treasure hunt in Spanish in small groups with your trip leaders.

Evening: Participate in a cultural Spanish challenge and class.

Evening Location:


Day 9: Return to Santiago / Explore themes of cultural integration with immigrants

Morning: Transfer back to Santiago and visit the Pre-Columbian Museum of Art then settle into your accommodations.

Afternoon: Interact and have lunch with immigrants from Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Argentina, and other countries who are living in Chile and who gather at a local church on Sundays. Learn about their process of integration and about the cultural differences in their home countries.

Evening: Have a final celebratory farewell Barbecue. Participate in a closing circle reflecting on trip experiences.

Evening Location:


Day 10: Tour into the Andes Mountains / Depart

Morning: Take a morning excursion by bus into the Andes Mountains to enjoy the scenery.

Afternoon/Evening: Return to the city to pick up your luggage and head to the airport for departure.

Evening Location:


Day 11: Arrive home

Morning: Arrive home with new Spanish language skills and a sense of accomplishment from your adventures through Chile.

Evening Location:


Getting immersed in the culture of India and getting to know and love the children was the greatest. When the students would cling to me at the end of class, and tell me how much they enjoyed having me there was heartbreaking.

Rachel W., Student

There is so much life, happening all the time. It's crazy to think that, after only three weeks, I feel like I've become accustomed to so much of how the world move.

Saul S., Student

I just wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for another unbelievable and life changing trip. No Barriers Youth made it all possible and took the guesswork out of a potentially nerve wracking and complicated task.

Amanda W., Trip Leader

“People don’t take trips…trips take people.”

– John Steinbeck

Facts & Figures

Capital: Santiago
Population: 17,363,894
Special Note: World copper production: 35%

Spanish - official








Roman Catholic


Literacy Rate

Unemployment Rate

Below Poverty Line

Life Expectancy


Carbon Emissions (%)