Eastern Europe – Communities & Conflict


Eastern Europe – Croatia and Bosnia

Global Studies In Communities & Conflict

From the world-class museums in Croatia to the modern history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, students will get an in-depth look into the pressing global issues facing Eastern Europe and the conflicts that have shaped the region and its people. Learn the history of Croatia while participating in a roundtable discussion on the refugee crisis.  Visit Mostar, the cultural capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, photograph the famous Stari Most, and learn how this country gained its independence.

Students Will Also:

  • Participate in a roundtable discussion on the refugee crisis at VERN Private University
  • Explore the jaw-dropping scenery at Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage site of Diocletian’s Palace and its 220 remaining buildings
  • Visit the cultural center of Mostar and learn about the Bosnian War
  • Much more…


Eastern Europe, and specifically Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a region rich with ancient history and relevant current events.  Croatia has a wealth of educational opportunities including its history with the Roman Empire and the Emperor Diocletian.  The brutality of the Bosnian War, and the ethnic cleansing that accompanied it, dominate recent history in Bosnia and the entire region.

Today Croatia is prospering as the government is investing in the country’s infrastructure and tourism is bringing a significant source of revenue to its residents.  Bosnia and Herzegovina is internationally renowned for its stunning natural beauty, cuisine, and cultural heritage. From the stunning natural beauty, to the history, culture, and current events, there are few places on earth that offer such an immersive and thought-provoking experience for educators and their students.

Global Studies In Communities and Conflict

14 Days | All Inclusive | Sample Itinerary | Inquire for quote

Day 1: Depart for Zagreb

Enjoy your overnight flight to Croatia.

Evening Location:


Day 2: Orientation / Tour of Old Town

Meet your No Barriers Youth Expedition Leader and participate in an orientation followed by a tour of historic Old Town.

Evening Location:


Day 3-4: Dolac Market / National Theater / Roundtable Discussion

Tour several Zagreb highlights including the festive Museum of Naïve Art, the famous Church of St. Mark, and the Center of Peace Studies. Students will also participate in a roundtable discussion on the refugee crisis at VERN Private University.

Evening Location:


Days 5: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Spend the entire day exploring the stunning scenery and jaw-dropping landscape of the 73,000-acre Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Evening Location:

Plitvice Lakes

Day 6-7: Roman Ruins of Salona / Diocletian’s Palace / More

Explore the 2nd century Roman amphitheater in Salona en route to the seaside town of Split. Tour the UNESCO World Heritage site of Diocletian’s Palace and its 220 remaining buildings. Participate in “Roomscape,” a critical thinking, team building activity.

Evening Location:


Day 8-9: Stari Most / Koski Hehmed Pasha Mosque / More

Depart for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit the cultural center of Mostar and learn about the Bosnian War and how it affected the community. Tour the Turkish House, the Koski Hehmed Pasha Mosque, and participate in a variety of activities with UWC students.

Evening Location:


Day 10-11: Tunnel Museum / Ashkenzazi Synagogue / More

Travel to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and learn about its Ottoman past and its more recent and tragic history. Students will also visit the Research and Documentation Center and tour the Ashkenazi Synagogue.

Evening Location:


Day 12: Princip Bridge / Emperor’s Mosque / Markets / More

Your last day in Sarajevo visit the site where Arch-Duke Ferdinand was killed, which led to the beginning of WWII. Tour the Emperor’s Mosque and do a little souvenir shopping before a final, farewell dinner.

Evening Location:


Day 13: Depart for Home

Arrive home forever changed by your time in Eastern Europe.

The cloud forest has a life of its own. Watching the surrounding jungle become shrouded in mist was breathtaking...so different from my life back home.

Susan J., Student

Quito, and all of Ecuador, provided the perfect setting for my students to practice their language skills and expand both their personal and global horizons.

Jeremy L., Trip Leader

I just wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for another unbelievable and life changing trip. No Barriers Youth made it all possible and took the guesswork out of a potentially nerve wracking and complicated task.

Amanda W., Trip Leader

“Every journey starts with a single step.”

– Confucius

Facts & Figures

Capital: Zagreb
Population: 4,464,844

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