Destination – Vietnam

With No Barriers Youth

No Barriers Youth offers groups the ability to experience the rich culture and natural beauty of Vietnam while engaging in meaningful service projects. Tour the “Hanoi Hilton” where American POWs were held during the Vietnam War and:

  • Wander through the well-manicured gardens of the Temple of Literature, the first “university” in Vietnam, dedicated to Confucius and other scholars
  • Travel to Mai Chau and bike through the rice paddies en route to your service learning project working with children
  • Study the history of Vietnam and learn about Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary leader and national hero
  • Take a cooking class while enjoying some of the best food in SE Asia!

Vietnam is an emerging economy and the warm and welcoming people are eager to share their phenomenal cuisine and diverse culture.


Vietnam is a complex and beautiful country filled with rich culture, relevant history and stunning geography. Located south of China, east of Cambodia, and along the banks of the South China Sea, Vietnam has a beautiful shoreline and contains a wealth of biodiversity. With over 50 distinct ethnic groups, Vietnam also contains a wide variety of traditions and cultures. From Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the North there is something for every student travel tour in this peaceful and fascinating country.


Getting immersed in the culture of India and getting to know and love the children was the greatest. When the students would cling to me at the end of class, and tell me how much they enjoyed having me there was heartbreaking.

Rachel W., Student

There is so much life, happening all the time. It's crazy to think that, after only three weeks, I feel like I've become accustomed to so much of how the world move.

Saul S., Student

I just wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for another unbelievable and life changing trip. No Barriers Youth made it all possible and took the guesswork out of a potentially nerve wracking and complicated task.

Amanda W., Trip Leader

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

Facts & Figures

Capital: Hanoi
Population: 93,421,835
Special Note: The Vietnamese language has six different tones. A change in tone changes the meaning of the word

Vietnamese (official), English, French








Literacy Rate

Unemployment Rate

Below Poverty Line

Life Expectancy


Carbon Emissions (%)