No Barriers Ignite

No Barriers Ignite is a FREE curriculum that takes your students on a journey that sparks passion and purpose.

no barriers curriculum for the classroomAbout the Curriculum

Through the unique No Barriers Life framework, students develop the mindset and tools to break through barriers, unleash individual and collective potential, and have a positive impact on the world.

No Barriers Ignite is a free curriculum that introduces students to the No Barriers Life and engages them more deeply in the first life element, Vision. In just six 30-minute lessons, students explore their own identity and values to create a personal Vision, then collaborate with peers to take positive community action.

Challenge your students to…

  • • Develop a personal vision based on values, interests, and desires
  • • Explore purpose and barriers that can get in the way of pursuing Vision
  • • Collaborate with peers to take positive community action
  • • Inspire others by sharing their Ignite stories!

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