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No Barriers partners with passionate educators across the world who want their students to reach their potential, not only for the benefit of the individual students, but also for the greater good. These educators know that if students can connect to a meaningful purpose and develop a mindset and skill set for working through challenges, they will make a difference in their communities and the world.

To get there, we support educators to implement inspirational and transformational learning experiences designed through the unique No Barriers Life framework. Grounded in social and emotional learning, the No Barriers Life’s seven elements provide a framework to develop a sense of purpose and confidence, grow through challenges, make meaningful connections, and give back as leaders who serve.

Our curricula take students on a journey to strengthen their social and emotional knowledge, attitudes and skills. Through inspirational stories, dynamic mixed media content, and experiential activities, students develop the mindset and skill set to navigate the world and live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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Find the Right Resources for Your Classroom

Leading the Way program in the Grand Canyon with Learning AFAR

No Barriers Ignite

No Barriers Ignite is a free curriculum that introduces students to the No Barriers Life and engages them more deeply in the first life element, Vision. In just six 30-minute lessons, students explore their own identity and values to create a personal Vision, then collaborate with peers to take positive community action.

No Barriers Climb

The No Barriers Climb curriculum takes students on an eight-lesson expedition to climb Mount Everest, guided by Erik Weihenmayer. At each stop, students explore a No Barriers Life element through unique activities. The expedition ends with a personal pledge to go out and have a positive impact on the world. Coming soon

Power2Change Foundation and No Barriers/Learning AFAR teamed up to send a group of young women on a journey of discovery and transformation in the American Southwest. Photo by Nina Ham ( Image # P2C-NB_2018-48_NH

Classroom Kit

The No Barriers Classroom Kit provides inspiration and guidance to foster a No Barriers presence in an educator’s learning environment. Contents include activity plans, a poster set and flags of the No Barriers Life elements, a copy of Erik Weihenmayer’s No Barriers book, supplies to create a pledge wall, and other special gifts. Coming soon

Global Impact Challenge

This annual competition challenges student teams to address a critical barrier that matters to them. Teams create a project proposal to have positive impact in their community by addressing a global issue at the local level. The challenge runs September-May and includes a storytelling initiative and awards. Coming soon