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What’s Within You…

We Support Educators

There are few jobs more challenging and more rewarding than being an educator. Teachers work endlessly to help their students reach beyond their potential, to overcome obstacles, and to embrace a journey of lifelong learning.

At No Barriers Youth we share the same passion of helping youth break through barriers, explore global issues with passionate curiosity, and help them contribute their absolute best to their global community.

Whether it’s a service learning trip or a cultural immersion program, we work WITH you to design an itinerary that supports your curriculum and educational objectives. Tell us where you want to go and what you want to learn, and we will support you every step of the way.

We Understand Students

We support a wide range of students across a multitude of programs and understand the educational objectives, as well as the social and economic barriers, of each and every group. Through scholarships, fundraising, and customized curriculum we strive to make every expedition as accessible and as impactful as possible.

We also understand the unique challenges and the enormous responsibility of traveling with students. From our exceptional office staff to our phenomenal Expedition Leaders, we support students, their families, and every Group Leader as we safely execute a customized Expedition designed around each group’s educational objectives.

We Go The Extra Mile

We also understand that you have multiple options for your educational travel needs and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you. We pride ourselves on being a leader in our industry and providing high quality programs to every school, Group Leader, and family we have the privilege of working with.

Below are a few highlights of the services we can provide to our clients and travelers:

  • We can handle all travel logistics including airfare and lodging as well as provide engaging activities, service learning projects, and qualified speakers
  • We have an enormous network of individuals and organizations around the globe we utilize to customize your itinerary to match your educational objectives
  • We provide professionally trained Expedition Leaders that engage groups with customized curriculum and provide an unsurpassed level of safety and service
  • We take risk management very seriously and go to great lengths to provide a safe experience abroad
  • We manage the entire enrollment process so that teachers can focus on teaching and not on collecting forms
  • We offer custom recruitment collateral to promote your expedition to ensure you get the necessary sign-ups to make your trip a success
  • We are committed to using locally owned lodging and service providers encouraging economic and environmental sustainability
  • We can provide all or some of the services we offer to fit the needs of your school or program

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