About No Barriers Youth

No Barriers USA began in 2003 when two separate organizations were created with the sole purpose of changing people’s lives by providing transformative educational experiences. The first, No Barriers USA, started by working with individuals with disabilities while the other, Global Explorers, educated middle and high schools students through immersive educational travel. Since their merger, No Barriers USA has continued the mission of taking people out of their comfort zones and exploring the globe, thereby shifting the lens through which they see the world and navigate their lives.

SAGE Acquisition

Located just a few miles apart in Fort Collins, Colorado and doing similar nonprofit work of educating youth in immersive international destinations, No Barriers acquired SAGE Global Education in September of 2016. Today, the two organizations, combined under the No Barriers Youth program, continue to help students break through barriers in more than 20 domestic and international destinations.

No Barriers Life

Living a No Barriers Life is more than spinning the globe and embracing your wanderlust. It’s more than just “global citizenship.” Living a No Barriers Life is to embrace a mindset that no matter what your obstacle, you have the potential to harness adversity, break through barriers, and create a life of purpose that impacts your local and global communities.

The No Barriers Life Elements form the basis for the No Barriers’ experience across our entire organization. Within No Barriers Youth we use these Elements, and our custom designed curriculum, as the framework to supplement your in-class curriculum and support YOUR core objectives of the expedition.

To view the Elements and learn more about the No Barriers Life and our customizable curriculum click here.