3 Phase Structure


3 Phase Approach & Structure

We effectively collaborate with educators to blend your educational goals and in-class curriculum with our Global Impact Program and No Barriers Life Curriculum. To effectively execute these unique expeditions, and to maximize student engagement, we utilize the following three phase structure.

Phase I – Thoughtful Preparation

Thoughtful preparation is the foundation on which the transformative Expedition stands. It gives vital context allowing students to experience an expedition more fully; it teaches about the people, places, and themes of your chosen destination; provides deeper connections and understanding; and efficiently enrolls students in the program and prepares them for travel.

Educators can utilize over 10 hours of Phase 1 No Barriers Life curriculum and Global Impact Programming to design a custom program for students.

Phase II – Transformative Expeditions

Through life-changing experiences and and immersive community interaction, students are pushed out of their comfort zones, break through personal barriers, persevere through challenges, all while exploring the global issues associated with their expedition theme or global impact project

On every expedition, participants:

  • Explore environmental and equity issues
  • Develop a sense of purpose and confidence
  • Grow and innovate through challenges
  • Learn about and address pressing global issues
  • Give back as leaders who serve

Phase III – Meaningful Return

In many regards, this final phase is the most important of the No Barriers Youth program. Participants return home and are faced with the questions “So now what? How did this experience impact me and what am I going to do about it?”

In Phase III students reflect on their experience and engage with their local and global community to execute their Global Impact Project and help create positive and sustainable change.

This three phase structure is a collaborative approach that infuses curriculum and student action into the logistical process of safely executing travel programs to more than 20 domestic and international destinations.

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