10 Documentary Films For Teachers and Global Educators

Documentary films have the power to broaden our perspectives and open our eyes to pressing global issues. These 10 documentary films for teachers and global educators have the power to inspire individuals to action with the hopes of making the world a better place for our fellow global citizens. Enjoy these fascinating and inspiring films that will feed you and your student’s knowledge and curiosity.  

  1. 1. China: Beyond The Clouds – This celebrated 1994 film highlights the everyday lives of the residents in a remote community in the Yunnan Province.Born Into Brothers movie poster
  2. 2. Wiring The Amazon – This is a very short New York Times documentary which looks at a village in the Peruvian Amazon that strives to bring internet to its students and residents.
  3. 3. Born Into Brothels – Winner of the 2004 Academy Award for Documentary Feature, this is a fascinating look into the red light district of Kolkata, India and the children who call it home.
  4. 4. Buena Vista Social Club – This phenomenal film celebrates Cuban culture and the jazz musicians who helped revive Cuban and Latin American music.
  5. 5. Solar Mamas – This story highlights a Jordanian Bedouin mother and her quest to provide light to her community through the power of Solar energy.
  6. 6. The Battle of Chile – A three-part film that documents the counter revolution against Salvadore Allende and his democratically elected government.
  7. 7. Step – A Sundance Film Festival award winner, Step is an inspirational film about a high school dance team in Baltimore, Maryland.
  8. 8. Story of a Beautiful Country – Directed by Khalo Matabane, this film dives into post-apartheid South Africa and the wonderfully diverse citizens who share their thoughts and stories.
  9. 9. The Look Of Silence – An outstanding companion film to the award winning documentary, The Act of Killing, which explores the indonesian genocide of the 1960’s.
  10. 10. Fail State – From legendary broadcaster Dan Rather, this film “investigates the dark side of American higher education” and how for-profit colleges, worthless degrees and overwhelming loan debt are suffocating American students.

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  • Sal Lagambina
    June 19, 2018 (5:36 pm)

    My friend’s family makes super adorable videos inspired by their 3 year old that are geared toward educational learning through song. The video is set in a cute super hero theme with Wally and Weezy as the main characters. You can tell they put a ton of work into their creation!

    Here is one of their videos.


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